Specialist Programmes!

Jul 27, 2023 | News

Unleash Your Cricketing Potential with Gecko’s Specialist Weekly Programme!

Are you ready to take your cricket skills to new heights? Join our Gecko Specialist Weekly Programme and embark on a journey of unparalleled improvement. With our expert coaches and dedicated training sessions, you’ll discover a world of opportunities to excel in your chosen area of the game.

Pace Bowling Programme

For aspiring fast bowlers, our Pace Bowling Programme is a haven for refining your bowling action, generating pace, and perfecting your accuracy. From mastering the art of swing and seam to developing deadly yorkers, this programme equips you with the arsenal needed to become a fierce fast bowler on the field.

Wicket Keeping Programme

If you dream of becoming a top-notch wicketkeeper, our Wicket Keeping Programme is tailor-made for you. Learn the techniques of flawless glovework, razor-sharp reflexes, and agile footwork under the guidance of our experienced coaches. Be the ultimate guardian behind the stumps and leave batsmen astonished.

Spin Bowling Programme

Spinners, this one’s for you! Join our Spin Bowling Programme and unravel the secrets of spinning the ball like a pro. From mastering leg-spin, off-spin, to mastering variations, you’ll gain the skills to outfox even the most seasoned batsmen. Spin the web of success and become a match-winning bowler.

Batting Programme

Batsmen, get ready to unleash your potential with our Batting Programme. Our expert coaches will work with you on your stance, grip, footwork, and shot selection. Elevate your batting technique, build confidence, and develop a wide range of shots to tackle any bowler. Step up to the crease with poise and power.

Mix and Match

Can’t decide on just one? No worries! With our Mix and Match option, you can combine programmes and experience the best of both worlds. Customize your training to suit your interests and goals. Whether it’s mastering both spin and pace bowling or fine-tuning your batting and wicket keeping skills, the choice is yours.

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