Bat Care from Gecko Cricket

How to knock in your new GECKO bat


A new GECKO cricket bat

Hardwood bat mallet

Raw Linseed Oil

Cloth or sponge


Apply one teaspoonful of raw linseed on to the face and edges of your bat – use the cloth or sponge to spread evenly.

Discard the cloth after raw linseed oil has been applied. (This is important because dry linseed oil is flammable!)

Rest your bat horizontally with the face up overnight, allowing the oil to soak in.

Apply a second coat of raw linseed oil on to your new GECKO bat – repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.

Hold the bat vertically with the blade up and begin gently knocking in your bat. Focus on the bat face (hitting zone), along the edges and the toe of the bat. Continue for 15 minutes.

Repeat step 5 (total 4 x 15 minutes sessions, gently knocking in your bat).

Again, hold the bat vertically with blade up, and begin knocking in your bat with more force.

Repeat step 7 (total 8 x 15 minutes sessions knocking in your bat with more force).

Gentle throw downs, with a good quality cricket ball.

Repeat step 9 (total 8 x 15 minutes sessions).

Over arm throw downs, with a good quality cricket ball or at bowling machine practice.

Repeat step 11 (total 8 x 15 minutes sessions).

Your bat is match ready!

Please note:

Even after knocking in your bat, no matter how well the process is carried out, your bat will not be indestructible! If you hit a ball hard enough in the wrong place on your bat, your bat will sustain some damage.


  • When knocking in the toe and edges, use a wrist action with the mallet (holding approximately 3-4 inches from the bottom).
  • When knocking in the face of your bat, use arm swings.
  • Do not to concentrate on knocking in one spot for too long. It is important to carryout the process evenly across the face and edges to create a fairly smooth finish.
  • Hold your bat up to the light to see which areas still need to be compressed.
  • Do not knock in the sides, bottom or back of your bat.
  • If you notice seam marks or indentations on the face of your bat, this would indicate it still needs more time spent knocking it in.

Broken Bats

We will normally replace any bat with in 90 days of purchase if the above steps have been followed. Please send any damaged/broken bats back to us immediately for us to inspect.


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