Gecko Cricket has a dual focus to deliver excellence in both coaching and equipment supply.

Our purpose is to prepare cricketers for the next delivery in cricket and life.

Our philosophy is to maintain a contemporary approach to all aspects of cricket and to inspire the next generation of cricketers to be the best they can be on and off the field.
We strive to keep pace and reflect on the rapidly developing game by providing our customers with progressive coaching methods and the finest quality goods and services.

Our mission is to nurture, empower and inspire cricketers so they can entertain.

Gecko Sports Ltd was established in 2012 by former Zimbabwean International cricketer Ryan Higgins. Ryan is passionate about the game and believes in delivering exceptional customer service. Ryan is hands-on and intrinsically involved in the day-to-day running of the business, and he and his team are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

“We are professional cricket coaches based in the Cotswolds who provide year-round coaching. We run multiple programs, we use multiple venues, and no matter your age or skill level, we have a program that is specifically tailored to keep you engaged and help you progress.

Most importantly, we want our cricketers to know, that there is much more to being a complete cricketer, than ‘hitting the top of off’ or a ‘perfectly timed drive past mid-on’. Mental skills, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, game plans, teamwork, and how you conduct yourself on and off the cricket field are all vital components of cricketing success.

Only a very small percentage of cricketers go on and make a career from the game and even then, an injury-free career has a limited lifespan. So while we continue to educate and challenge all of our cricketers, we must also ensure we are contributing to excellent characters.” Says Ryan.

At Gecko cricket we continually seek to push the boundaries. We believe boundaries matter.


We believe in raising the standard of play from a young age, inspiring and growing the talent of tomorrow. We are invested in developing cricket in our community from the junior level through education facilities and local clubs. We partner with the schools and clubs in our community and value building strong long-term relationships for all to benefit.

Head Coach and Director, Bradley Dial former South African U19 World Cup Winner is a disciplined and experienced cricketer and a dedicated coach. At Gecko we know what it takes to play at the highest level and we know how to get you there. We are professional cricket coaches, we coach full-time, all year round. This is our passion, this is our life. This is Gecko.

We offer an enjoyable and dynamic coaching experience, which will fine-tune, develop and build the specific skills necessary to improve your game.

We offer coaching for all levels of players introducing the fundamentals of the game with a soft ball for beginners from 6 years to 11 years until they are confident to take on a hard ball. This is an excellent introduction to the game of cricket, emphasizing participation, learning to play the game, developing the basic skills required, and having enormous fun.

At Gecko Cricket we coach the basics throughout our camps held and schools and clubs, enhancing the fundamentals of the game and covering the three disciplines of batting, bowling, and fielding. Gecko offers an innovative coaching model that facilitates learning through conditioned games that simulate the tactical and technical elements of the sport. This methodology stimulates participation, improves concentration, and enhances focus and discipline.

Gecko specialises in offering professionally run seasonal cricket camps that are fun-filled learning experiences, enhancing the fundamentals of the game. The two-day cricket camps are led by a team of experienced coaches and run from 10 am – 3 pm.

Cricketers of all levels are welcome, sessions are grouped by age and ability.

Confident players who play or aspire to play representative cricket will benefit tremendously from Gecko Masterclass. These courses are for boys and girls, between the ages of 10 and 18 years old who play or strive to play representative cricket.
The sessions are player centered and skill-specific and include drills, match play scenarios, nets, and technical, tactical, physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the game.

Booking is welcome for all cricket coaching through our online platform.

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Our expertly crafted bats are specially designed by professional batsmen and made from the highest quality English willow. Our R&D team works meticulously to ensure each of our designs delivers controlled pick-up and the perfect balance for high-impact performance. We also have a select range of high-quality protective gear, equipment, and bags. All items are available to purchase online or by appointment from our shop in Cirencester.

With our commitment to developing players through our coaching programs, we run a unique sponsorship opportunity to honor the hard work, commitment, and achievements of the aspiring young cricketers our coaches work with regularly throughout the year.

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Now that you know a bit more about us, you can browse through our online shop or book a premium cricket coaching session that suits your needs.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and helping players develop their skills.