Filling in the Gray Spots

Apr 11, 2024 | Blog

Hector Gray – 12 years old

Hello guys this is my first little write up and after this I will continue to write them every couple of months. In these insights into my week as a sponsored gecko player I’m going to talk about every thing that I am doing at the moment and some of my current key coaching points that I’m working on.

So last week on Monday I went to a Gecko Masterclass and mainly did some specialised training on my batting as we are approaching the season at a rate of knots. In this session I mostly worked on, even though the bounce was very erratic, getting forward to almost every ball because as it is very wet at the moment the main danger for me when batting, is getting out to a ball that keeps low and goes under my bat. This means that sometimes when I go forward it bounces up and I get hit but that is going to happen, the main focus is not getting out.

On the next day, Tuesday I did another gecko masterclass and did most of the same except I mainly focused on Tuesday on the T20 format, as some of my first games of the season are T20’s. The training mainly consisted of me trying to score off of every ball and quicker than I usually would, all in all a successful day.

Then on Wednesday I had a training day where in the morning I went to the gym for an hour and a half, for this session I focused on my strength and conditioning with lots of help from Crickfit who help me with my fitness and the tracking of my data. Later in the afternoon I ran a 5km at an easy pace followed by some hill sprints.

Then on Thursday I returned to St Edward’s for another masterclass, again focusing on the shorter format batting, with Dan throwing the sidearm at me.

Next came Friday and I went off on a bus down to Dorset for a rugby tour with plenty of fun activities in store we were all very excited. On Friday evening we had a training session to prepare us for the Sunday matches.

Then on Saturday we went for some fun activities, these included high ropes, archery and air rifle shooting these were all lots of fun and we all really enjoyed it.

Then finally Sunday came and we put our match kits on and were all ready to play. We played 4 games and our results were as follows : we started off with a 25-5 win, then a 5-5 draw, followed by a 30-5 win and finally a 10-10 draw. All in all a great bunch of results and a successful tour and week.