Feb 5, 2023 | Article

Coachability refers to a person’s willingness and capacity to be coached and to actively engage in the coaching process. It is the ability to receive feedback, learn from it, and make necessary adjustments or improvements based on that feedback. A coachable individual demonstrates certain characteristics and behaviors that facilitate their growth and development through coaching. These may include:

Openness to Feedback

A coachable person is receptive to feedback, whether it is positive or constructive criticism. They are open-minded and willing to listen to different perspectives and suggestions.

Willingness to Learn

Coachability involves a genuine desire to learn and improve. Coachees who are coachable actively seek knowledge, new skills, and insights that can help them develop personally or professionally.


Coachable individuals engage in self-reflection to evaluate their own performance, behaviors, and mindset. They take ownership of their actions and are willing to explore areas for growth and change.


Being coachable means being adaptable and flexible in response to coaching. Coachees are willing to try new approaches, experiment with different strategies, and make adjustments based on the guidance provided by the coach.


Coachability involves taking responsibility for one’s own progress and outcomes. Coachees who are coachable hold themselves accountable for their actions, commitments, and goals.

Active Participation

A coachable individual actively participates in the coaching process. They engage in meaningful discussions, ask questions, and contribute to goal setting and action planning.

Positive Attitude

Coachability is often associated with a positive attitude. Coachees with a positive mindset are more open to learning, growth, and embracing challenges. They maintain a solution-oriented approach and are motivated to make the most of the coaching experience.

It’s important to note that coachability can be developed and cultivated. It is not a fixed trait but rather a mindset and behavior that can be nurtured through self-awareness, willingness to learn, and an openness to change. Coachability enables individuals to maximize the benefits of coaching and accelerate their personal and professional development.