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Hatherop Castle School

Gecko cricket have been involved in coaching cricket at Hatherop Castle School for the last 5 years. During which time the coaches have delivered excellent cricket skills, fun games and specific coaching tips to boys and girls aged from Yr 2 to Yr 8.

Their wealth of knowledge and experience having played cricket at a high level is something that helps to inspire the young children who they coach at Hatherop Castle.

The coaches are all extremely professional in the conduct with the children, and the sessions are done in a formal, but fun way that allows the children’s talents to be nurtured and extended where appropriate.

The children look forward to the Gecko coaching every year, where we regularly get 30-40 children turn out every Monday evening in the Summer Term. Gecko’s involvement at Hatherop Castle has helped to develop the children’s skills, knowledge and interest in the game of cricket.

A number of children from hatherop Castle now play at Poulton Cricket Club, where Gecko do a lot of their coaching.

Nigel Bailey
Director of Sport

St Edwards Cheltenham

I have been delighted with the assistance, help and expertise that Gecko Sports provide us. They are always thoroughly professional, have a great rapport with the pupils, and help us to run an effective sports programme.

Mr Kit Wapshott
Head of Sports Science

Poulton Cricket Club

Poulton Cricket Club have been working with Gecko Cricket for five years and during this time we have found the staff at Gecko to be professional, enthusiastic and providing an exceptionally high standard of coaching for both our senior and junior cricketers. Their commitment and reliability have been excellent, but most importantly they have brought new ideas to our coaching and cricket thinking; they have developed strong relationships with our club and our people; and Gecko has become more to our club than just a contracted out coaching organisation – we regard Gecko as genuine partners in our cricket life and look forward to continuing that bond!

Simon Gordon Walker
Youth Coordinator Poulton CC


Rutwik has attended Gecko coaching for over 2 years and will continue to do so. He attends the coaching usually during school holidays and he looks forward to doing so. Rutwik especially likes the 1-2-1/masterclass coaching as these sessions help him in improving his game. The support, guidance and encouragement he has received from the team is high quality. The team also sends constructive feedback emails after the sessions.
I would recommend Gecko to all the youngsters who are looking for a friendly yet innovative coaching.

Sachin Kulkarni
Parent of Rutwick 15 years old


Over the course of a number of years now, Gecko Cricket have successfully developed my son Alex’s cricketing abilities to the point that he is regularly invited to participate in representative squads and an MCC programme. Gecko have consistently dealt admirably with the ups and downs of a young boys character and latterly, with the arrival of hormones. Gecko’s breadth of expertise mean that Alex has always had sound and progressive coaching whether batting, bowling off spin or bowling fast. Gecko have always treated him with courtesy, respect and that difficult art of combining serious practice with a sense of fun. Alex insists on using nothing but Gecko clothing and equipment and he refuses, point blank, to use anything other than Gecko bats. Alex has never had a poor one

Bob Gilbert


Over the past couple of years Gecko cricket coaching has encouraged and inspired Harry, in his passion for the sport. The summer camps have given him the chance to meet and socialise with boys and girls from other local schools, all sharing the same interest. The one to one sessions with Bruce have certainly been beneficial and helped Harry gain confidence in his batting and bowling skills.
He was thrilled to win some Gecko pads during a Masterclass session, and is extremely pleased with his Cayman bat that he purchased recently.
We would highly recommend Gecko cricket for providing great coaching for any future young cricketers!

Carole Brownless


My 12 year old son has attended many Gecko group courses and 1-2-1 sessions over the last couple of years and always comes home happy and inspired. His cricket has progressed well and he now represents Gloucestershire at district level. The excellent standard of coaching available together with a willingness to design a session to individual requirements makes Gecko a great choice

Andy Sampson


Dear Ryan, thanks very much for the recent 1-2-1 session you completed with Dan, his batting and bowling are developing well and he always comes home happy and enthusiastic about his game. Looking forward to the next session.

Andy Sampson

Chairman Poulton Cricket Club

I first met Ryan in 2012, when he had just started Gecko Cricket – he has been coaching our youth, ladies and seniors ever since. Gecko has raised the standard of play in each age group and now regularly provides one-to-ones to many of our club members. The feedback I get from parents is always positive. The difference Gecko’s team has made in 3 years is huge, and bodes well for the future of our club as sharper young players now don Poulton CC’s kit, incidentally, also provided by Gecko.

David Dunn
Chairman Poulton CC

Newent Cricket Club

Gecko Cricket have helped our club beyond measure this year, including pre-season indoor evening training sessions. As a club we have never out-sourced coaching requirements, but as an expanding club it became necessary this year, particularly for our youth sections. We were so delighted with the pre-season results that we booked the services of Gecko Cricket, in particular Bruce Ballance, for the entire season and purchased much of the youth kit/equipment from Gecko also. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Gecko Cricket, who we approached at very short notice before our requirements commenced, and we had no real method statement to offer them, the out-sourcing was new to us, they rose to to challenge admirably. And the guys have a great sense of humour to boot !

Andy Hayes
Youth Development Officer


Ludo has been doing Gecko courses, master classes and having 1 to 1 coaching for years. If he could spend every moment of every day with the Gecko team he would do! They make it enormous fun and they have worked with him to improve all aspects of his game. Their bats are well balanced and well made and they have a lot of different types depending on what you are looking for. Their pads are also particularly good, very light and comfortable and highly protective. Gecko Cricket is a class act, an amazing combination of highly professional and fun.

Harriet Rhys Williams

Cirencester CC

Hugo Rhys Williams, age 12, plays for Cirencester CC
Hugo does all forms of Gecko cricket with all of their equipment – he enjoys every aspect of it as the coaches make it both fun and useful, the perfect combination.

Harriet Rhys Williams


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