Winter Training Academies 2019

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  • The Junior Academy sessions will include all parts of the game: batting, bowling and fielding. It can be used as a progression of what is worked on during the week at specialist sessions but can be translated to bat versus ball. The players will get to face bowling machines and net against other players.  We will group players based on ability and age. During this session players will have the same access to coaching equipment as mentioned in the specialist sessions.
    The sessions will include GECKO’s unique training games that replicate the different pressures felt in a match situation. Apart from the physical skills involved in cricket this course will also stimulate the mental side like basic decision making under pressure and dealing with different scenarios a player might find themselves in during a match.
    Top performers over the 6 week periods will stand the chance to win prizes!
    Players are guaranteed to progress their games and have loads of fun!
  • The Senior Academy Sessions is for everyone who is playing or is planning on playing senior cricket. Any age and ability welcome!
    We will cover the above mentioned areas of the game that apply most to the player. The majority of the program will be spent what the player feels they need to working to take their games to the next level.
    Senior cricketers are also welcome to attend the mid-week specialist programmes (batting, fast bowling or spin bowling)
  • The GECKO spin coaching programme, like the batting and fast bowling will include high volume. Loads of balls bowled!
    On this programme we will focus on repetition of actions and strength at the crease to start and develop to turning the ball sideways, having variations, controlling your pace and eventually executing these skills under pressure.
    A number of coaching aids will be used like different types of balls, resistance bands, hurdles, medicine balls, video analysis, yarn, alignment poles and the speed gun!
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  • The Specialist bowling program will be something different to what we have done at GECKO in the past. Players will be taught techniques to increase their pace and accuracy. We will focus on balance and strength at the beginning of the program and move over onto different skills towards the end like run ups, Swing Bowling, Slower Balls, Yorkers, Cutters, setting fields etc.
    A number of coaching aids will be used like different types of balls, resistance bands, hurdles, medicine balls, alignment poles, video analysis and the crowd favourite, the speed gun!
    Each player will have their action discussed with them and, with the help of the coach make it more efficient and repeatable.
    8 places available
  • The specialist batting programme is 60 minutes of intense, high volume batting exercises. There will be loads of balls hit. The program will include various drills to target all the relative aspects of batting. A number of coaching aids will be used from bowling machines, to side-arms, to resistance bands, video analysis and the good old drop feed! Every player’s technique will be analysed, adjusted and drilled. The theme of the programme and GECKO’s batting coaching is to score runs! Players on the programme will learn to train with this mindset and transfer it to preseason and eventually matches.

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