In the event that you/ your child can no longer make an individual or group coaching session booked with GECKO Cricket , the following Cancellation Policy will apply:

Group Sessions

If for any reason you are required to cancel a confirmed booking, you will need to provide 7 days notice prior to the start date in order to be eligible for a full refund.

If you have booked on to a course which is longer then a week  i.e 10 weeks term time or weekend courses and a selection of dates or pay per session is not available/an option, then you committing to the full course.  We are unable to refund any individual dates and times that you cant make as all of our resources will be committed to venue hire and our loyal team of coaches for the full course.

We are willing to give a full refund and offer the place to another customer as long as 7 days notice prior to the course start date has been provided.

Once the course has started, the only time a refund or alternative agreement can be made, is if an injury has occurred on and ONLY on a GECKO Cricket course and has been logged in the accident book, which prevents any further participation within the specified course.

Refunds will not be given for circumstances beyond our control, i.e Holidays, illness, injury outside of GECKO Cricket courses, or weather conditions beyond our control . (exceptional circumstances will be reviewed i.e death in the family ). We will where possible offer an alternative course

If exceptional circumstances are accepted, refunds will be given.

If GECKO Cricket is required to cancel a full course then those booked will be given at least 7 days notice where possible. We will endeavour to offer alternative arrangements, or all monies can be refunded if requested.

Individual Sessions

If GECKO Cricket are notified of known dates of absences (for example, due to holidays) at the time of making a block booking , the missed sessions will be rearranged for mutually convenient day(s)/time(s);

If, after a booking has been made, an individual session needs to be cancelled and GECKO Cricket are given more than 24 hours’ advance notice of the cancellation, GECKO Cricket will endeavour to fulfil the missed session at a mutually convenient day/ time. If this is not possible, a refund will be given for that session;

If an individual session is cancelled within 24 hours of it being due to take place, the cost of that session will not be refundable. If it was not paid for in advance, the cost of the session will be payable and should be paid for within 7 days of the scheduled session.